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Our Products

Prime (High Grade / Extra Fancy) Tallow
Unbleachable Tallow
Bleachable Tallow
Low Gut Tallow Dark

*FFA – Free Fatty Acids / M&I – Moisture & Impurities / FAC – Fatty Acid Colour / Titre – Temperature at which the oil melts

Used Cooking Oil
Liquid Oil (Soft)
Solid Oil (CYG / Hard)

*For more information on our edible oils, please visit Just Cooking Oil.

Our Packaging

Reconditioned 204 Litre Steel Drum
  • 204 Litre Reconditioned Steel drum with tare weight of 18kg/drum
  • 190kg (+/-5%) net product per drum
  • 98 drums per 20-foot container with total net weight of 18.620 MT (+/-5%)
  • New Drums can also be provided for top quality tallow or for Chemical use at buyers request
  • Option to re-sell drums
  • Relief from storage constraints
Reconditioned IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) or Pallecons
  • 1 000 Litre Reconditioned IBC’s with approximately 1 000 Litres per IBC
  • Tare weight of 60kg/IBC
  • New IBC’s can be provided at buyers request
  • Easily discharged via bottom valve Compact units which reduce storage requirements
  • Tynes to enable movement by forklift
24 000 litre ISO tank
  • 24 000 Litre ISO Tank
  • 21.500 MT (+/-5%) net product per tank
  • Less labor costs required and no “waste” packaging generated
  • Less financing cost compared to ship tanker
  • No risk of contamination
  • Tare weight of 3.5-4.5 MT
Bulk Tanker (Domestic) for 5000-42000 Litres
  • Site access allows tankers up to B-Double size and appropriate loading/unloading facilities