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Our Products

Prime (High Grade / Extra Fancy) Tallow
Unbleachable Tallow
Bleachable Tallow
Low Gut Tallow Dark

*FFA – Free Fatty Acids / M&I – Moisture & Impurities / FAC – Fatty Acid Colour / Titre – Temperature at which the oil melts

Used Cooking Oil
Liquid Oil (Soft)
Solid Oil (CYG / Hard)
Edible Oils
Vegetable Oil – BVO
Canola Oils
Superior Blend
Sunflower Oils
Olive Oil
Cottonseed Oil

*For more information on our edible oils, please visit Just Cooking Oil.

Our Packaging

Reconditioned 204 Litre Steel Drum
  • 204 Litre Reconditioned Steel drum with tare weight of 18kg/drum
  • 190kg (+/-5%) net product per drum
  • 98 drums per 20-foot container with total net weight of 18.620 MT (+/-5%)
  • New Drums can also be provided for top quality tallow or for Chemical use at buyers request
  • Option to re-sell drums
  • Relief from storage constraints
Reconditioned IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) or Pallecons
  • 1 000 Litre Reconditioned IBC’s with approximately 1 000 Litres per IBC
  • Tare weight of 60kg/IBC
  • New IBC’s can be provided at buyers request
  • Easily discharged via bottom valve Compact units which reduce storage requirements
  • Tynes to enable movement by forklift
24,000 litre Flexi Tank
  • 24 000 Litre flexi container, fully approved and compliant with Container Owner’s Association specifications
  • Net product weight per container: 21 MT (+/-10%)
  • Fitted inside food grade 20-foot containers which are not more than 5 years old
  • Cost reduction on bulk transport and import clearance
  • Reduction on labor cost
  • Bottom valve suitable for pump discharge
  • Cost effective solution to bulk shipments
24 000 litre ISO tank
  • 24 000 Litre ISO Tank
  • 21.500 MT (+/-5%) net product per tank
  • Less labor costs required and no “waste” packaging generated
  • Less financing cost compared to ship tanker
  • No risk of contamination
  • Tare weight of 3.5-4.5 MT
Bulk Tanker (Domestic) for 5000-42000 Litres
  • Site access allows tankers up to B-Double size and appropriate loading/unloading facilities

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Head Office

87 A Spalding Avenue
North Sunshine, VIC 3020


78-82 Spalding Avenue
North Sunshine, VIC 3020

South Australia

96 Wingfield Road
Wingfield, SA 5013


Factory 1, 21 Greenbanks Road
Bridgewater, TAS 7030

New South Wales

73 Waratah Street
Kirrawee, NSW 2232


45 Suscatand Street
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