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Providing a tailored service to suit the individual needs of every customer.


Committed to responsible waste management and environmental protection.

ISCC-EU-Self Declaration

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At the forefront of industry development. Combining state of the art technology with innovation to provide unrivalled service.

Greenlife Oil Holdings (GLO) is an EPA licensed and Trade Waste approved business, specialising in the collection and processing of various animal and vegetable oils. Located in Victoria, Sydney, New Castle, and South Australia; we incorporate proprietary technology with innovative processing to provide a cost effective alternative to disposal.


At GLO we’ve always believed in supporting a waste processing system that is focused on recycling rather than disposal, however, we understand convenience is paramount. Our suppliers servicea board range of locations across the states in which we are based, and Head Office assists in the coordination of collections.


GLO is accredited with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). ISCC is an internationally recognised system covering the entire supply chain for bio based feedstocks and renewables. As a Trader and certified Company, GLO completes annual third-party traceability audits, this ensures compliance with ecological sustainability requirements, greenhouse gas emissions savings, and traceability through out the supply chain.


For all new suppliers, see below for a link to an ISCC-EU-Self Declaration form.

GLO strives to provide a diverse service to customers, recovering the maximum amount of waste possible to ensure minimal environmental impact. This is achieved by working closely with the EPA, ATO, ARA, Council, City West Water, and international regulations officers.

For information about collection in Victoria, New South Wales, New Castle or South Australia please call Head Office.


ISCC-EU-Self Declaration